Hey there! Nice to meet you.

Hi. I'm Liviu and for the longest part of my professional career I’ve been a graphic designer and illustrator, working with clients all over the world and having finished countless projects.

As a freelancer I have developed many traits such as being very organised, tenacious and hardy, everything stemming from my necessity for perfection.

What I absolutely love about design is the diversity and challenge that come with every new project; you could say I enjoy a blank canvas and the whole process leading up to the finished product.

I strive for smart and minimal design with lots of soul and a less is more approach.

Even if design generators and A.I. are on the rise, the results are almost always bland and uninspired so that's why I still believe in the creative mind.

My design process is simple, hassle-free and a foolproof way to build a solid and unique brand. Just fill out the form below, let's get in touch and I'll start crafting.